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Each episode of AJP Audio brings you an in-depth look at one of the articles featured in that month’s issue of The American Journal of Psychiatry, the official journal of the American Psychiatric Association. Wide-ranging interviews with article authors cover the background, rationale, main findings, and future implications of the research.

Jan 5, 2009

This audio program discusses treatment of children for whom the differential diagnosis includes bipolar disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; placebo response in antidepressant trials for children; a longitudinal study comparing cortical thickness in patients with ADHD who took stimulants, patients who didn’t take stimulants, and normally developing youths; an examination of the volume and shape of the basal ganglia in ADHD conducted with large-deformation diffeomorphic metric mapping; a study of disorder-specific brain dysfunction in boys with ADHD only and boys with conduct disorder only; and a report on repeat incarcerations for prisoners with serious mental illness. Articles can be viewed online at