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Each episode of AJP Audio brings you an in-depth look at one of the articles featured in that month’s issue of The American Journal of Psychiatry, the official journal of the American Psychiatric Association. Wide-ranging interviews with article authors cover the background, rationale, main findings, and future implications of the research.

May 31, 2011

This audio program discusses the relationship between remission of depression in mothers and psychiatric symptoms in their children; brain structure in childhood- versus adolescent-onset conduct disorder; an apparent case of postpartum psychosis that turned out to be a late-onset urea cycle disorder; how stress affects decision making in patients who’ve been abstinent from heroin; ADHD and deficient emotional self-regulation; early outcomes for first-episode schizophrenia treated with oral or depot antipsychotics; and clarifying the use of interpersonal psychotherapy for major depressive disorder. Articles can be viewed online at