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Each episode of AJP Audio brings you an in-depth look at one of the articles featured in that month’s issue of The American Journal of Psychiatry, the official journal of the American Psychiatric Association. Wide-ranging interviews with article authors cover the background, rationale, main findings, and future implications of the research.

Jun 2, 2014

This audio program discusses DSM-5 classification of anxiety and related disorders, antipsychotic use in breast cancer patients, and adult outcomes of disruptive mood dysregulation disorder. Treatment trials for a parental intervention aimed at preventing antisocial personality and family-focused treatment plus medication for adolescents with bipolar disorder are also examined. The issue also looks at Internet-delivered treatment for substance abuse, virtual reality therapy for PTSD in conjunction with either D-cycloserine or alprazolam, and treatment with a synthetic neuro-active steroid via aerosol nasal spray for women with social anxiety disorder. Articles can be viewed online at